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Your Premier Choice for Vintage Lamp
Repairs in Tampa Bay

From the warm, cozy lamp illuminating your living room to the ornate sconces and floodlight providing a sense of security and safety, lighting is the foundation of homemaking. With years of experience in the lighting industry, Gail Allen and her husband, Bart, founded Lighting Shades and Repairs of Tampa Bay in 2011 to extend a helping hand to their neighbors in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco. Continue reading to learn more about Tampa Bay Lighting Repair.

They love the challenge of repairing and rewiring precious heirlooms and pride themselves on providing timely cleaning and maintenance services with a delicate touch. From convenient pick-up options to sharing their extensive lamp services knowledge, Gail and Bart’s customers always come first. If your fixtures need a little love, we’re here to light the way.